Finley Dye, 7 year old son of Noble employee Matt Dye, has completed a marathon by running a mile a day for 28 days to raise money and help feed families who can’t afford food for their children.

During lockdown Finley learnt from watching the news that there are many families struggling and ‘could not understand’ why there were children going without. Finley wanted to help and despite having no running experience came up with the idea of running a marathon to raise the much needed funds to help those that need it the most, raising an incredible £1500.

Footballer Marcus Rashford, Tweeted ‘What a hero, well done Finley’s after learning that Finley’s efforts were inspired by watching Marcus on the news.

Finley has been running in all weathers and despite the rain and cold temperatures continued with his challenge saying ‘I wanted to raise money for charity and I wanted everyone to be okay in the world.’