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Noble Foods wins GroceryAid’s Gold Award

GroceryAid’s Gold Award winners are companies who have participated in eight activities across all three of their critical pillars; Awareness, Fundraising, and Volunteering. GroceryAid is incredibly grateful for the far-reaching support that their Gold winners provide every year, and Noble Foods has been recognised with a Gold GroceryAid Award this year.   The GroceryAid’s Gold… Read more »

Noble Foods Has Now Become A Youth Verified® Company

Noble Foods have successfully become a Youth Verified® brand, showing they are a youth-first place for young people to work and thrive in today’s world. The Youth Group is thrilled to announce that Noble Foods are now officially Youth Verified®. Youth Verified® is the youth verification status, evaluating the readiness of enterprises to connect, hire… Read more »

Noble colleagues raised over £50,000 for charities

Covid-19 has had an undeniable impact on the charity sector, and charities across the country are facing huge economic pressure with an estimated £4.3 billion in income being lost because of the inability for normal fund-raising events to take place during the pandemic. Colleagues from Noble rose to the challenge and joined forces with some… Read more »

Environmental sustainability projects around Noble

Our North Scarle has undertaken a recent ESP project, which included the making and providing of bug hotels to create a habitat for them during the winter months. Using information provided from the RSPB website, the site gathered together a number of items together including small logs from recently trimmed trees, being assembled with John… Read more »

The Grocer’s interview with Duncan Everett

Earlier this month, The Grocer interviewed Group CEO Duncan Everett and the full interview is now available to read here: Noble Foods boss Duncan Everett on Gü, Happy, Crackd and other things egg | The Big Interview | The Grocer

Happy Egg partnering with SMASH & Frylight

The Happy Egg brand has partnered with SMASH – a new app offering young people discounts on healthy food & drink brands and restaurants. Happy Egg is among the top 15 brands by views helping to expand our reach to the younger generation. SMASH is currently running a freshers week campaign where Happy Egg money… Read more »

‘Keep a Happy Face’ campaign

The ‘Keep a Happy Face’ campaign launched on the week of the 20th of September and aim to promote the use of eggs in lunchbox & snack occasions, helping to expand from the traditional breakfast use occasion. A competition based on back-to-school/work and creating exciting and Instagram-worthy lunches and after-school snacks all involving eggs is… Read more »

Crackd The No-Egg Egg a finalist in Grocer’s ‘New Product Awards’

Research carried out by The Vegan Society suggests that 45% of vegans are now familiar with our brand Crackd The No-Egg Egg. The latest TV and OOH campaign went live in mid-August, with a target of delivering 23 million impressions. The Grocer New Product Awards celebrate and reward outstanding innovation in the UK FMCG sector in… Read more »