Humble Beginnings

In 1920, armed with nothing more than a straw-lined wicker basket and a horse and cart, William Dean started collecting eggs from smallholders and selling them door-to-door in and around Tring in Hertfordshire.

The business prospered and it wasn’t long before William and his family were selling eggs into local grocery stores and supermarkets in the south. Deans Foods had a clear vision, seeing themselves as much more than simple egg packers, and it wasn’t long before they expanded and began to acquire other companies.

Deans continued to develop innovative new egg products. Indeed, by 1978 they ran an advertisement in The Grocer with the headline

“You may find this difficult to believe… but you’re looking at the world’s first Salt ’n’ Vinegar flavoured egg!”

While this didn’t quite turn out to be the world beater they’d hoped for, Deans’ thirst for acquisition and innovation continued; in 1988 they bought Goldenlay, followed by Dell and Hardie in 1997. The new millennium saw first Daylay, then Freshlay joining the group. Evidently, Deans was becoming the egg company to beat.

In 2006, Michael Kent the then owner of Stonegate, joined Deans, creating the Noble Foods we know today.

We’ve expanded our portfolio by acquiring Gü Puds in 2010 – now the number one brand in UK premium desserts – whilst in November 2015 we acquired Bowler Energy to form Noble Green Energy.

Today, we’re a leading national organisation with many different ingredients, and we’re intensely proud of our rich and vibrant history.

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100 Years in Eggs

Noble Foods is the leading supplier of farm fresh eggs to the major retailers and we pride ourselves on an excellent nationwide service from our modern, well invested packing centres. We are also the market leaders in the UK for egg products and have a wide range of products that can meet the needs of small and large food businesses alike.

We also believe it’s really important to innovate. That’s why, in 2009, we launched The Happy Egg Company, which is now Britain’s leading egg brand. We haven’t stopped there though; our family now includes Big & Fresh, Heritage Breeds, Purely Organic and Eggs for Soldiers. Together, we like to think they offer outstanding choice and value.

Each week we individually grade, pack and deliver over 60 million British Lion eggs for our customers.


Brand Building

Noble has extensive experience in building brands, from creating the first ever eggs brand ‘Big and Fresh’ and successful brand Happy Egg, now in 2018 launching the first organic egg brand purely organic. Our strength in building brands has also been demonstrated by the growth of Gu since our ownership.