Our portfolio of egg brands are loved by our consumers. An egg is no longer just an egg.

We believe it’s really important to innovate. That’s why, in 2009, we launched the happy egg co, which is now Britain’s leading egg brand.

We haven’t stopped there though; our family now includes Purely Organic, Big & Fresh, Freshlay Golden Yolks and Heritage Breeds. Together, we like to think they offer outstanding choice and value.

the happy egg co.

The UK’s largest egg brand from happy, free-range hens.


Purely Organic 

Purely Organic eggs come from a collection of small family-run farms, where hens forage through organic pastures. Now certified Carbon Neutral by The Carbon Trust.

Purely Organic


Big & Fresh

Offering great quality large eggs at an affordable price.

Big & Fresh


Freshlay Golden Yolks

Free-range eggs with a delicious deep, golden yolk.


Heritage Breeds

Eggs of impeccable taste from our well cared for, contented special breed birds.

Heritage Breeds Luxury Eggs