In addition to our own farms, we have long-term relationships with over 340 producers, some of whom have more than one farm supplying us; in total we collect eggs from more than 385 locations, from the Highlands of Scotland to Cornwall.

Our producers are mainly family-owned farms, often with other livestock, arable and other diverse farming interests: our audit teams carry out assessments of these farms to ensure that they meet our high standards.

In addition to our own audits, all our producers’ farms are certified and audited by the BEIC Lion Code, while free-range, barn and organic farms are also certified and audited by the RSPCA Freedom Food Scheme. Organic farms are also certified and audited by one of the Organic certification bodies such as the Organic Food Federation or Organic Farmers & Growers.

The result is that each and every one of our producers is among the finest in the country.

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Egg Producer Scheme

We’ve been producing feed and pullets for many years for both our own laying farms and those of our producers; our expertise in this field helps producers increase the results from their operation.

Our Egg Producer Scheme offers a loyalty bonus to producers who buy the complete range of Noble products, including feed and pullets, as well as supplying us with their end-of-lay hens.

As the egg market continues to expand, we’re keen to talk to people who are exploring the possibilities of setting up an egg production business.

We would strongly recommend that anyone thinking of becoming an egg producer has a written contract with an egg packer in place before they start to make any financial investment in the project.

For more information please email us at:   or alternatively call our team on: 01522 779334