The happy egg co. brand has been named by The Grocer as a top challenger within their recent ‘Britain’s Biggest Brands’ feature. The brand is currently rated at number 108 in the whole of the UK, putting it up there with well-known household brands such as Ribena, Twining’s Tea, and Ambrosia.

The brand’s growth in value sales this year has been phenomenal and is a direct result of the team efforts during the pandemic to supply more branded packs and returning the brand to TV advertising across ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’

The team has also been busy increasing the awareness among consumers of the dedication Noble has to happier lives, whether this is from the amount of space our hens are given to roam or partnering with Parkruns so that we can all enjoy the happiness that exercising outdoors brings.

The success also boiled down to people cooking more at home as well as the health credentials of our eggs, which carry front-of-pack vitamin D and protein claims. Bigger packs and fewer promotions led to a 14.1% rise in average unit price.