February 2018
New brand of organic eggs is “good for the consumer, good for farms and good for hens”

New egg brand Purely Organic is launching into the UK market, tapping into the growing consumer demand for organic produce with exceptional provenance. Purely Organic has a small-scale, sustainable philosophy that is good for consumers, good for hens and good for the environment.

Organic is the second fastest growing egg type and is now valued at £62m in the UK after sales surged 13.4% in terms of value in the last year[1]. This growth is driven by consumers striving for healthier lifestyles and paying ever greater attention to the provenance of their food.

Purely Organic is a collection of six family run small-scale farms. The hens forage amongst fruit trees and a herbal ley range offers naturally enriched nutrients for the hens and a friendly environment for bees and insects. All feed is sourced from their own singular organic mill ensuring traceability.

With consumer awareness of environmental issues such as packaging at an all-time high, Purely Organic is also the first brand in the UK to display the Climate Partner logo. This means the pulp packaging is carbon neutral and that the production of the boxes will offset the emissions generated by production processes and transport. The boxes were developed by Hartmann, the leading specialist in moulded fibre packaging.

Purely Organic is endorsed by British Lion, Freedom Food and Organic Farmers and Growers and is currently available in Nisa stores across the country, supplied by Noble Foods. Purely Organic has an RSP of £2.10 for six eggs.

David Tromans of Towcester Farm, one of the six Purely Organic Farms says: “To be an organic farmer takes real dedication and passion. We are always looking for ways to improve hen welfare and give back to the environment, meaning our eggs are good for the consumer, good for farms, and good for hens.”

Ian Singleton from Hartmann says: “Purely Organic are showing themselves to be sustainable pioneers by being the first UK egg brand to support our Climate Partner programme, delivering an entirely carbon neutral pack. The issue of sustainable packaging has risen to the top of the news agenda recently, and it’s great that this new brand is taking the bold step to lead the industry.”

[1] Nielsen 52 w/e 30/12/17