Noble was given a tier 1 ranking from BBFAW (Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare) earlier this year. Due to changes to the BBFAW methodology, this year resulted in 11 companies being ranked one tier lower than they would otherwise have ranked and a decrease of 1.2% in the overall average score for all companies making our achievement all the more challenging. Moving forward, more emphasis will be placed on measuring the impact company policies are having on overall welfare.

We are extremely proud to report that Noble, alongside only three other companies, Cranswick, Marks & Spencer, and Waitrose, retained our position in tier 1, and thereby demonstrating our clear commitment and leadership on animal welfare within the egg sector.

The benchmark is a globally recognised investor framework for assessing the quality of companies’ practices, processes, and performance on farm animal welfare which we as a Noble team have been a part of since 2015.  The benchmark enables investors, companies, NGOs, and other stakeholders to understand the importance of animal welfare to businesses through measurement of openness on corporate practice and performance reporting.

The 2020 Benchmark, supported by Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection, analysed 150 of the world’s largest food companies on their approach to managing farm animal welfare.