The Youth Group – a youth first business that provides young people with the tools they really need to get ahead and grow in work – has announced a partnership with Noble Foods to build a brighter, more sustainable future for young people as the organisation officially starts working towards a Youth Verified™ trademark.

Youth Verified is a new verification evaluating the readiness of companies to attract, develop, and retain a future-focused youth workforce, where organisation analysis is completed by a team of youth experts. The aim of Youth Verified™ is to give young people better transparency when choosing a business to join. The partnership comes with benefits such as improved attractiveness of the brand to young people, access given to long term sources of diverse and talented youth to work at Noble Foods, providing an opportunity to harness and engage youthful energy and enthusiastic young people, helping fuel competitiveness.

Louisa Hogarty, Group HR Director of Noble Foods commented:

“This is an important step in the future of our business and we’re eager to embark on our journey with The Youth Group as part of our commitment to develop future generations for the food industry.

“We have a wide range of career opportunities at Noble Foods and we are thrilled to be working with the Youth Group to support us in engaging and inspiring young people to join our industry. Agriculture and food production are critical to the UK economy and we believe the Youth Group can help us to attract top talent to the diverse range of career opportunities that exists.

“Our partnership will be critical to ensure that we attract, select and develop top young talent in a way that is responsible and inclusive.”

Leon Marseglia, Vice President at The Youth Group said:

”Having several conversations with the Noble Foods team, it is clear that they are committed to helping and guiding young people in today’s professional world. We are happy to start our Youth Verified process and welcome Noble Foods to our community of 200+ Youth Verified brands.”

In order to carry The Youth Group’s Youth Verified™ certification, Noble Foods is working through a rigorous process over the next few months and will be committing to a rigorous set of principles when it comes to recruiting, engaging, and aiding young talent of the future.