Noble Foods have successfully become a Youth Verified® brand, showing they are a youth-first place for young people to work and thrive in today’s world.

The Youth Group is thrilled to announce that Noble Foods are now officially Youth Verified®.
Youth Verified® is the youth verification status, evaluating the readiness of enterprises to connect, hire and develop a future-focused youth workforce.
The Youth Verification process was co-built in partnership with McKinsey & Company, young people and enterprises across the country. As a leading brand in the conglomerate’s sector, Noble Foods is notorious for delivering cutting-edge services that don’t compromise on sustainability or

This constant pursuit for growth is just some of the reasons why Noble Foods is leading the charge toward sustainable development and corporate social responsibility by forming fair and honest work systems for their bright, young employees to flourish.
Noble Foods has proven its commitment towards creating safe spaces for young people to thrive in by becoming a successful Youth Verified brand. Our Youth Verified team of youth specialists awarded this to Noble Foods with key areas of success being implemented into the enterprise being the following:
Noble Foods values its employees by providing them with excellent benefits.

The mental health of their employees is taken seriously, as all employees are offered the support they require. Many employees were offered mentorship which emphasised their willingness to support and allow employees to grow within the company.
The Youth Group are excited to award them with the Youth Verified status which has enabled them to open their awareness to social mobility, black ethnicity & neurodiverse backgrounds and gives them access to our community of 1.7million young people now that The Youth Group has verified
they are providing safe working opportunities for young people.

Noble Foods is a prime example of how a company can become a youth-first brand allowing young people to gain important experience and skills, ultimately allowing them to thrive.
Youth Verified is only the beginning of a great and meaningful partnership between young people, Noble Food, and The Youth Group. Be in the loop of all things opportunities for young people, government, and enterprises and be on the lookout for a future The Youth Group x Noble foods partnership project.

Louisa Hogarty, Group HR Director of Noble Foods:

“Becoming Youth Verified has been an enriching and enjoyable experience and I am proud that Noble Foods has been recognised for the great work that we do in supporting young people.  I look forwards to our continuing partnership with the Youth Group, together we can make a real difference to the lives of young people across the UK”

Leon Marseglia, Vice President at The Youth Group:

“What an amazing achievement and success Louisa, Nicky, and their team have achieved with Youth Verified. I always stop and ask myself what companies are putting young people at the forefront of everything they do? I know that Noble Foods are absolutely one of them.”

Noble Foods Youth Verified Certificate