January 2018
Hockerwood Park Farm is the first egg producer globally to install the Vencomatic Veranda Gallery Aviary System

LONDON, 29 January 2017: Hockerwood Eggs in Nottinghamshire is the first free-range egg producer in the world to install Vencomatic’s latest state-of-the art Veranda Gallery Aviary System.

The system is designed to have the very highest standards of bird welfare which in turn leads to significantly increased productivity. One feature alone, the Miteperch, is a chemical-free effective redmite control which could save up to £0.40p per hen per year[2].

Based on Hockerwood Park Farm and owned by Patrick Lynn, an engaged and progressive producer, Hockerwood Eggs supplies approximately 280,000 free-range eggs per week to Noble Foods, the UK’s largest supplier of eggs, including its happy egg co. range[3]. Following an investment of £500,000, the Veranda Gallery will house 26,500 hens across two units, and Lynn predicts it could increase production levels by 10 extra eggs per hen housed[4] and reduce mortality rates through effective red mite control.

Designed around freedom of movement and welfare, and with input from the RSPCA, the Veranda Gallery is a ground-breaking advancement on Vencomatic’s Veranda Aviary System – installed at Hockerwood Eggs three years’ ago. Over four years in the making and following studies with the University of Bristol and leading Dutch University of Wageningen, the Veranda Gallery takes the finest design aspects from the original multi-tier system and incorporates state-of-the-art features, including:

  • Welfare ramps to reduce keel damage by 23%[5]
  • Perch design to allow easy access throughout entire nest system[6]
  • Secure grip design of the Miteperch, obliterating red mite numbers[7]
  • Step on rails providing 98% safe landings[8]

Developed by Vencomatic, which provides a full range of innovative systems for modern poultry farms that offer alternative, sustainable and poultry-friendly solutions, the system is a leap forward in both bird welfare and efficiency. Showcasing the Veranda Gallery at Hockerwood Eggs, Hockerwood Park, Nottinghamshire, Noble Foods and Vencomatic hosted open days on 22/23 November attended by industry and retail figures, highlighting how the system allows egg producers to stay ahead of the game and meet the high welfare standards recommended by the RSPCA.

Patrick Lynn says, “I’m passionate about improving the welfare of my birds, providing them with the best conditions. Having previously installed the Vencomatic Veranda Aviary System, we have seen first-hand the raft of benefits the system has provided to our business, from reduced feed consumption to increased productivity. The Veranda Gallery Aviary System provides the best possible environment for our chickens, allowing them to express their natural behaviour. By investing in the system, we believe it will help to safeguard our business for the future by helping to provide security in times of uncertainty.”

Jean-Paul Michalski, Head of Agriculture – Retail, Noble Foods, says, “The Vencomatic Veranda Gallery Aviary System will set a new standard for hen welfare and we expect the system to become commonplace across the UK. We’ve worked with Patrick Lynn for almost 10 years’ and have developed a strong long-term relationship, supporting him to achieve his production and welfare goals. Installing the Veranda Gallery emphasises his passion and commitment to enhancing sustainable poultry farming practices and going above-and-beyond welfare standards.”

Kevin Howse, Sales Director of Vencomatic Poultry UK says, “We believe high welfare equals high productivity, and are committed to enhancing our systems to support the poultry industry by offering alternative and sustainable solutions. The Veranda Gallery Aviary System is a nest designed for the future, providing sustainable high-quality egg production to satisfy the British consumer, and ensuring welfare, longevity and profitability for egg producers through advanced features. It’s an incredible moment for us to install the first Veranda Gallery in the world for Hockerwood Eggs, and are thankful that Patrick’s allowed us to host the open day to highlight the advanced capabilities of the system to the industry.”

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