The Crackd No-Egg Egg brand took its first steps abroad back in December of 2021, into 120 Dutch retailer Jumbo stores across the country.

On top of this, a new TV advert went live on the 29th of December on Sky Ad Smart, and a sampling roadshow commences January.

Crackd has been reformulating its product to be better suited for scrambling and the new version is now live.

Rik Roberts, General Manager:

It had been designed with bakers primarily in mind, however, then the Instagrammers found out they could scramble it”

A number of new ingredients, including oil, had been added to increase the yield and make the liquid “eggier in taste” with a “creamy mouthfeel”, he said, adding it could now be microwaved to make vegan scrambled eggs in two minutes.

The new recipe rolled out at the end of December last year and despite the new ingredients, the price of a bottle will remain the same.

“We reckon we’re selling about one [bottle] every three minutes in grocery at the moment, in about 550 accounts.”

The new advert can be watched here:

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