Back in December last year, Noble was contacted by Shivani Mathur, an artist at Central Saint Martins Art University, London. The university is very active in sustainable art and creating a leading voice for sustainable solutions. Shivani was looking for an opportunity to use eggshells as a medium to create limited edition sculptures rather than use clay, metal, or stone.

Around 12.9 billion eggs are consumed in the UK each year and an eggshell is ninety-five percent calcium carbonate, the same material present in the white cliffs of Dover which is a British symbol of strength and beauty.

Shivani’s sculpts use eggshells which she washes, treats, and turns into a powder. Her inspiration is taken from sculptures from the temples of Khajuraho in India, where she grew up, and reflects how the UK embodies all cultures and works with nations globally.

As a business, Noble provided her with 60kg of shell to help her achieve her goals of sculpting larger pieces to sell and fund the Universities Art department.

Check out her art here:

Web: & Instagram: shivanisart