As part of our commitment to be a cage-free business by 2025, we have taken a major step in partnering with Vencomatic to trial a new higher welfare Barn and Rearing system at our sites in Nottinghamshire.

Following the declaration of the major retailers to end the sale of eggs produced by cage hens by 2025, we have conducted significant consumer research, worked closely with our retail partners and liaised with NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to develop a barn standard that delivers on animal welfare whilst catering for the demand for entry level priced egg and egg products.

Vencomatic will supply and install its high-welfare Veranda Aviary 2 nest system into a multi-level barn. The nest system comprises a series of innovative design features such as open high level perching, additional welfare ramps and rails to allow the hens to move safely around the barn.

A new rearing system has also been designed, featuring multi-levels and high perching areas, with the objective of easing the transition to the farm for optimum bird development.

The barn trial will provide the opportunity to showcase and share learnings on the high-welfare barn system to our partners, allowing an informed decision on the future of value eggs.

Work on the barn begins in Spring 2019 and will be complete later in the year. This is a major step in our commitment to be a cage-free business by 2025. We hope the trial will lead to long term partnerships to support a full scale roll-out.