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Egg Producers

In addition to our own farms, we have long-term relationships with over 340 producers, some of whom have more than one farm supplying us; in total we collect eggs from more than 385 locations, from the Highlands of Scotland to Cornwall. Our producers are mainly family-owned farms, often with other livestock, arable and other diverse… Read more »

Feed Milling and Farms

Rearing Farms We have fourteen of our own rearing farms and rear around four million pullets per year. They provide point-of-lay birds, both for our own poultry farms and for independent producers. Pullets are described as being “in rear” until they reach 16 weeks of age, at which point they’re transported to a laying farm…. Read more »

Packing & Distribution

Packaging We have four egg packing centres, strategically located across the UK. We have industry leading Free Range and alternative packaging centres strategically located across the North, East, South and West of the UK, which also operate as delivery and regional collection hubs.  The geographical spread of our operations significantly reduces delivery mileage to our… Read more »

Egg Products

Our egg products division – trading as Noble Egg Innovations – has grown over the last 50 years to become one of Britain’s leading providers. We have a wide range of exciting egg products designed for food businesses of all sizes, and make 400 tonnes of egg products every week. Our range, which comes in… Read more »

Egg Brands

Our portfolio of egg brands are loved by consumers, an egg is no longer just an egg. We believe it’s really important to innovate. That’s why, in 2009, we launched the happy egg co, which is now Britain’s leading egg brand. We haven’t stopped there though; our family now includes Big & Fresh, Heritage Breeds and Purely Organic…. Read more »

Integrated Supply Chain

At Noble Foods we’re the UK’s leading vertically integrated egg business. We work with a network of farms, packing centres, feed mills, and egg and hen processors across the country ensuring quality, traceability and economies of scale.

Green Energy

At Noble Green Energy, we pride ourselves on providing effective renewable, energy-saving solutions to commerce, business and agriculture. We were founded in 2010 as the renewable energy arm of Bowler Eggs Group to provide energy and cost savings on company farms through solar panels and wind turbine solutions. The reputation and size of the company… Read more »

Ethics/Quality Assurance

We are accredited by a number of industry bodies and audited by all the certification bodies and retailers. All our British Retail Consortium audits are unannounced along with some of the retailer audits.   British Lion Scheme Our Guarantee: we only produce and pack British Lion Quality Approved Eggs. What is the British Lion Mark?… Read more »

Our Values

Our Vision Our vision is to advance our business by driving sustainable, profitable growth through the power of our people, services and partnerships and with our thirst for innovation. We’re on a mission; we’re ambitious, we have a constant aim to be the best, to offer more, to extend our reach. We will take this… Read more »