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Our History

Humble Beginnings In 1920, armed with nothing more than a straw-lined wicker basket and a horse and cart, William Dean started collecting eggs from smallholders and selling them door-to-door in and around Tring in Hertfordshire. The business prospered and it wasn’t long before William and his family were selling eggs into local grocery stores and… Read more »


Gü Puds

One of our delicious Gü Puds is eaten every second somewhere in the world. In the UK, Gü is now the number one premium dessert brand with well over 20% market share, while in France and Germany Gü is the second largest premium chilled dessert brand. Find out more about Gü’s mission to blow the minds of… Read more »


At Noble Foods, we process spent hens, chickens and broiler breeders to meet the highest standards required by our customers and the RSPCA, so concern for hen welfare is central to everything we do. The care with which we handle day old chicks is matched only by our treatment of spent hens at the end… Read more »

Home Page

Noble Foods is a leading supplier of fresh food brands to major retailers and consumers. We pride ourselves on our excellent nationwide service from our cutting-edge packing centres and sustainable farms.