London, 27 February. Noble Foods Milling Division is today announcing the launch of a new straights business that will sell directly to pig and poultry farmers who home-mix feed.

Headquartered in Harrogate, Noble Foods Straights will offer high-quality raw materials at highly competitive prices thanks to the buying power of Noble Foods, the UK’s largest egg company. Noble is also promising exceptional customer service with the ability to fulfil emergency orders and a technical milling support facility.

With an excellent audit record for industry and retailer assurance schemes, including numerous Gold M&S performance scores, Noble’s raw material quality control is industry leading. The high-quality straights orders will be processed at Noble’s five mills across the UK and will therefore be available nationwide.

With traceability a perennially key factor, Noble Foods Straights is a UFAS accredited merchant and the straights it offers are:

  • Soya oil
  • Hi-pro sunflower
  • Wheatfeed
  • Any origin soya bean meal
  • Rapeseed meal
  • Biscuit meal

Noble Straights is also able to offer a weekly raw material report providing up to date prices and market commentaries to provide guidance for straights buying. Those interested in receiving can sign up by emailing

Noble Milling is one of the UK’s largest producers of pig and poultry feed, and produces in excess of 700,000 tonnes per year of feed for pullets, laying hens, broilers and pigs.

Tim Goldsbrough, MD Milling and Agriculture at Noble Foods says: “For home mixers, raw material buying decisions can be the difference between a profitable business and a business that makes a loss. Home mixing is a growing market and we think now is the perfect time for us to expand our services. Noble Foods is very well established, and our size means we can offer exceptional expertise and customer support – not to mention extremely competitive prices.”

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