With images of poached eggs on avocado toast and Huevos Rancheros recipes flooding Instagram, it is no surprise that the resurgence of eggs has hit breakfast menus everywhere. Noble Foods, the UK’s number one free range egg supplier, is on a mission to bring impeccable looking and tasting eggs to the nation’s kitchens and make mealtimes more exquisite with the launch of Heritage Breeds™ – a new range of speciality eggs.

Available in Tesco and Ocado, the range features hen, duck and quail eggs from handpicked British farms. The eggs boast rich yolks and exceptional quality egg whites – guaranteed to make them a firm favourite.

The eggs have their own distinct characteristics which can significantly enhance cooking and baking to create impeccable dishes:

  • Copper Marans – a deep brown shell hen egg from the famous French Marans hen breed, with a gorgeous dark yolk and clear egg white. A great all-rounder to elevate any egg dish, great for making Scotch eggs or a classic Huevos Rancheros. The deep orange yolk will also enhance the look and taste of a baked sponge cake or glazed pastry.
  • Royal Legbar – a beautiful pastel shell hen egg from the renowned Legbar family, descended from the rare Araucana breed. The Royal Legbar is perfect poached, boiled and fried, making it ideal for brunches.
  • Gladys May’s – a porcelain white shelled duck egg with a stunning, large orange yolk. Descended from the Aylesbury breed, these duck eggs are much larger than hen eggs and have thicker whites which hold more air, making them ideal for meringues, soufflés and Yorkshire puddings.
  • Speckled Quail – the beautiful miniature quail egg from the Brown and Golden Coturnix breed lends itself to delicate canape dishes and are delicious when served soft boiled with celery salt. They also add a delicious twist when served on top of steak or a beef burger.

The philosophy behind Heritage Breeds is that ‘better breeding and higher hen welfare make for impeccable quality eggs’ and the welfare of the birds is something that Heritage Breeds takes particular pride in. Heritage Breeds hens are traditionally reared in smaller flocks on hand-picked British farms, typically a third of the size of standard free range farms, meaning they have considerably more space to roam free outdoors with plenty of shade. All Heritage Breeds birds are fed a wholesome vegetarian diet which has been specifically designed by an animal nutritionist and tailored to the flock’s individual needs.

So whether it’s a family breakfast, a big Sunday brunch or an afternoon tea party, Heritage Breeds is sure to bring an impeccable look and taste to any occasion.

Heritage Breeds is available in Tesco and Ocado and have an RRP of £2.15-£2.70. Please visit http://www.heritagebreeds.co.uk/ for more information.