Poultry Processing

As specialists in poultry processing, Noble Foods process hens, chickens and broiler breeders to meet the highest standards required by our customers and the RSPCA.

Concern for bird welfare runs throughout Noble’s activities. The care with which we handle day old chicks is matched by our treatment of hens at the end of their laying life.

The processing plant is equipped with the most modern processing equipment available and is accredited to the BRC Grade ‘A’ standard.

Utilising a widespread Freedom Food approved national catching and collection network, our dedicated fleet of GPS tracked modular collection vehicles deliver directly into our abattoir and butchery operation. All journey times meet the standards of Freedom Food.

We recognise the need to invest in both new technology and people. The gas stunning system installed in 2004 is a first in the world for hen processing, and is widely accepted as the preferred option for humane slaughter, further evidence of our commitment to animal welfare. We do not buy any meat that has been pre-slaughter stunned.

Our highly skilled work force is supported by onsite trainers and a full training programme.

The reputation of the poultry processing division has spread beyond the food processing sector in the UK and Europe into Far East and African markets. In Africa our Jolly's brand is market leader for both leg quarters and wings.

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