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Our Values

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Bringing us closer together... We're a business of unique individuals. All doing different jobs, in different locations, with different motivations, hopes and aspirations. But each and every one of us are key to keeping the business going and growing.

Our Noble values are the cultural glue - the stuff that helps bind us together. It is important for a business that is as disparate as ours - ranging from agriculture to luxury desserts that we have a common purpose and a common set of standards:- Great behavious, Great thoughts, Great actions and

Great ways of working. They help each and every colleague to recognise the things that differentiate us at Noble - that give people a reason to join and colleagues a reason to stay. They give us a way of getting things done that is Noble through and through!

The difference between 'job done' and 'job done well' - Great words backed up by practical deeds.

Our values... Being Noble

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