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the happy egg co. Awarded Compassion In World Farming’s Good Egg Award

the happy egg co., the UK’s no. 1 free range egg brand and now the most widely carried free range egg brand in the US, has been awarded “The Good Egg Award” by Compassion in World Farming, for its commitment to providing humanely raised free range eggs to the U.S. market. As the first U.S. egg brand to win the globally celebrated award, the accolade recognises the positive impact the happy egg co. has had on the U.S. market through its ethical leadership, supply chain transparency and higher farm animal welfare practices operated in the U.S where battery caged eggs still unfortunately dominate the market. Since launching into the U.S. market in October 2012, the happy egg co. USA now has 700,000 free range laying hens, has grown to over $30 million 1 in brand value and is sold in more than 7000 retail store nationwide.

David Wagstaff, Chief Operating Officer and President of the happy egg co. USA, accepted the award at the 2016 Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards ceremony at the historic Meistersaal venue, in Berlin, Germany on June 28 th , 2016. The award was presented to the happy egg co. USA for their commitment to establishing and producing true free range eggs. More than 40 million laying hens benefit from The Good Egg Award each year.

The Good Egg Award, is the latest in a raft of awards to be scooped by the happy egg co. The brand, since launching into the UK market in 2009, has elevated welfare standards within the egg industry and is now achieving the same in the US where it is the first and only free range producer to receive certification from the American Humane Association, elevating the standards of free range in the U.S. in which each hen gets 21.8 sq ft of space vs. 2 sq ft of space required by other free range certification bodies.

On receiving the award, Jenni Danby Chief Marketing Officer of the happy egg co. said: “The humane treatment of our hens is at the absolute core of our business and we are thrilled to receive The Good Egg award from Compassion in World Farming for our work in the U.S. We make it our mission to go above and beyond for our girls, raising them in a true free range environment where they get to enjoy the outdoors, everyday and live like hens should. Establishing brand new and groundbreaking animal welfare standards within the U.S. egg industry has been an incredibly rewarding challenge for our entire team and this recognition will help us to keep driving our true free range proposition forward. We are excited for the future of the U.S. egg industry and for the future of all the hens who lay those eggs.”

Rachel Dreski, Food Business Manager of Compassion in World Farming USA added: “We congratulate the happy egg co. on their Good Egg Award, and commend them for going above and beyond for their birds. In the U.S. we’re witnessing a major shift in attitude on how laying hens should be raised. The happy egg co. is proof that higher welfare systems offering access to sunlight and pasture are possible on a large, affordable scale.”

the happy egg co. is owned by parent company, Noble Foods, the largest producer of free range eggs in the UK, in a market worth £800m.

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