Happy Egg Company

Having studied hens on the farm for many years we are always striving to make them happier and healthier, the result is great quality eggs. With this in mind, in January 2009 we launched a fresh thinking, quirky Free Range brand...the happy egg co.

At the happy egg co. the hens always come first. They are cared for on specially selected British Free Range farms visited regularly by our team of expert fieldsmen who help individual farmers with advice and guidance. Each farm is equipped with an assortment of activities that enhance the bird's natural surroundings. Naturally curious, our hens are always out and about having fun.

We want to tell consumers all about eggs. They're healthy, nutritious and very versatile, the happy egg co. are bringing eggs back to life! The brand has been featured on TV in a fun, live action advert that shows off a happy egg co. farm. Inside our sunshine yellow packs we will explain all about happy eggs, feature competitions as well as providing delicious recipe ideas.

Visit www.thehappyegg.co.uk to see a happy egg co. farm. Take a peek at what the hens have been up to lately, play a game or two or don the chef's hat and try your hand at a tasty recipe.

To find out more about the Happy Egg brand, please connect with our Happy Egg social media profiles: Happy Egg Google+ Profile, Happy Egg Facebook Profile and the Happy Egg Twitter Profile.

Why not also have a watch one of our most successful Happy Egg videos to date – The Pancake a matic:

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