Our colleagues are the most valuable asset of our business.

Our colleagues are our most valuable asset. We constantly strive to provide a workplace that is safe and free from discrimination and harassment.

A workplace where training opportunities are available for every individual to make the most of his or her potential. Above all, a working environment where outstanding performance
is recognised and rewarded.

As part of this ongoing programme and our commitment to providing a safe place to work, in 2020 we achieved ISO 45001 certification for all of our farms, mills and factories. Certification to ISO 45001 demonstrates our commitment to implement, maintain and continually improve the way in which we manage our health and safety systems.

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Our Values

Our Company Values are paramount to all Noble Foods employees, and they summarise how we work and what is truly important.



At Noble Foods, one of our key CSR objectives is to support local communities and those in countries less well off than ourselves.

We are an active member of Business In The Community (BITC) which helps businesses tackle key social and environmental issues – more information is available at

We have a number of charitable initiatives including working with organisations who are closely linked to our products; we also encourage the fund raising interests of our colleagues as well as initiatives which give something back to the local communities in which we operate.

Malawi – Changing lives

In 2012, we began working with Fisherman’s Rest in Malawi. As an on-going relationship, we have raised money for key projects that have helped change the lives of many. Our ‘Food for Schools’ programme now feeds over 1,700 children daily, providing them with the energy to concentrate and excel at school.

Our fundraising has improved educational and agricultural projects in Malawi, and with help from our suppliers and staff, we funded and built three schools. We have also supported the development of agricultural classes, all with the ambition to combat poverty.

In 2020, our fundraising efforts helped open the Horton Community District School (CDSS), changing the lives of thousands of children in Malawi, through the provision of education and food. We have received confirmation from The Malawi Examination Board, that the School has been chosen to become an examination centre of excellence for the region specialising in Science, Technology and Sport.

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Operating in a sustainable way

Noble Foods are committed to reducing our environmental impact, including reducing our energy consumption and CO2 output, as we fulfil our purpose to better nourish people, animals, and planet.

In 2019, Noble Foods introduced the Environmental Sustainability Programme (ESP). The ESP initiative focuses on three key areas which are Energy, Waste and Biodiversity, and aims to reduce our environmental impact. As an output from this programme, since October 2019, we have been purchasing all our electricity from certified renewable sources, leading to 100% renewable electricity across the business.

With much of our business operating in farmland, we also have a keen focus on preventing or reducing pollution to air, land and water. For example, in 2021 we have been working closely with the Wye & Usk Foundation to carry out risk assessments for our producer farms in this region, and build targeted action plans to reduce run-off, manage manure and increase nutrient uptake. We are also collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders to share learnings and best practises.

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Animal Welfare

At Noble Foods, animal welfare is at the cornerstone of everything we do. With our happy egg co. brand we aim to lead the way in setting animal welfare standards.

We have a team of experienced fieldsmen who visit every happy egg co. farm, to ensure that our high standards are being rigorously maintained. Although we are hen experts, we constantly embrace and seek to learn new ways to improve our operations, and share our learnings with our farmers. You can find out more at

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At Noble Foods, we are committed to promoting a transparent and sustainable supply chain, and supporting British producers.

In addition to our own farms, we foster long-term relationships with approximately 290 producers, including collecting eggs from locations across the UK, from Scotland’s highlands down to Cornwall. Our producers are principally family-owned farming businesses, many of which have other farming enterprises, including arable and other livestock.

Every Noble Foods affiliated producer follows the British Lion Quality Code of Practice. Only eggs produced to the highest standards of food safety are allowed to carry the British Lion Quality mark. You can find out more at

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Is working collaboratively, trusting each other, as one Noble family
Is taking the initiative and holding ourselves accountable
Is being bold in our decisions and standing up for what we believe in
Is acting with speed and integrity to ensure we always deliver
Ias valuing everyone's voice and contribution and earning the trust of others
Is leading by example, getting better every day